8 Behind-the-Scenes Content Ideas to Humanize Your Brand

If you’re following any brands on social media, you’ve likely seen their behind-the-scenes content. From photoshoots to product development, they’ve given you a peek behind the curtain where you could witness the magic behind everything you see on the surface. 

That’s what behind-the-scenes content is. 

It’s the backstage pass to the creative process, the untold stories, and the moments that make you feel connected to the brand or project. Behind-the-scenes content offers your audience a glimpse into what’s going on inside your office, events, or video production set. 

In this article, we’ll share 8 behind-the-scenes content strategies you can use to connect with your audience on a more personal level and show the human side of your brand. 

Why You Should Include Behind-the-Scenes Content In Your Strategy

Although it may seem like sharing the behind-the-scenes (BTS) content is pointless (because no one would care), this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Many brands miss out on the opportunity to engage with their audience through BTS content, thinking they should focus only on promotional content that can directly contribute to sales. 

While behind-the-scenes content rarely leads to sales, it does something just as important: it helps you connect with your audience on an emotional level, which can turn them into loyal fans who trust and support your brand. 

Plus, sharing behind-the-scenes content can also build anticipation and excitement for your upcoming releases or projects. So, don’t underestimate the power of BTS content in your marketing strategy. It’s not just about sales. It’s about building meaningful relationships with your audience.

8 Behind-the-Scenes Content Ideas to Humanize Your Brand

Here are 8 key behind-the-scenes content ideas to help you engage with your social media audience on a personal level. 

1. Introduce Your Team 

Statistics say that BTS content that shows the faces behind your brand, their stories, or day-to-day processes gets 32% more engagement than other types of content. This is a powerful reason to show off the people behind your brand occasionally! 

Let’s face it: in today’s fast-paced digital world, people crave connection. They want to know there are real humans behind the screen, not just logos and slogans. So, introduce them to the brains, the brawn, and the heart behind your brand. 

Showcasing your team can humanize your brand and forge deeper connections with your audience. After all, people don’t just buy products or services. They buy into stories, personalities, and experiences.

2. Give Them a Tour Around Your Office

If you have a physical office or store where you operate on a daily basis, give your audience a virtual tour of your premises. 

You’ve surely seen many videos on Instagram or TikTok where someone walks around the office introducing coworkers, showing different rooms, and revealing the quirky nooks and crannies that make your workplace unique. 

Think of it as MTV Cribs but for your business. Highlight the collaborative spaces where brainstorming sessions ignite, the cozy corners where employees recharge with a cup of coffee, and maybe even the infamous snack cabinet that always seems to have a mysterious gravitational pull.

3. Show Your Office Day-to-Day 

Aside from showing your audience around your office (virtually, of course), you can also show them your day-to-day operations. Give them a sneak peek into the hustle and bustle that keeps your business running smoothly. Showcase the daily routines, rituals, and challenges that your team faces behind the scenes. 

Consumers now want more authenticity from brands, and giving them the opportunity to see what’s happening in your headquarters every day can forge a deeper connection and build trust with your audience. 

Instead of just seeing the final product or polished marketing campaigns, they’ll appreciate the transparency of witnessing the nitty-gritty aspects of your operations.

4. Share Stories From Your Events 

If you’re hosting or attending events, filming them is an excellent opportunity to create raw, authentic content your audience will love. You can create a highlight reel or simply talk about your favorite moments and lessons from the event. 

Sharing special or funny moments from the event with your audience will make them feel like a part of it, fostering a sense of inclusion and connection.

Whether it’s a bustling industry conference, a community fundraiser, or a team-building retreat, sharing stories from your events allows your audience to experience the excitement and energy alongside you.

Keep in mind that this isn’t about creating a polished, highly-produced video from the event to post on your feed or website. The BTS content should be raw and authentic, so leave the bloopers, funny moments, and uncut scenes for your audience to enjoy on your Instagram stories. 

5. Talk About Your Workplace Culture 

When it comes to behind-the-scenes content, discussing your workplace culture can be a goldmine of engaging material. Share stories about your team traditions, rituals, and inside jokes that define the unique vibe of your company. 

From casual Fridays to office potlucks, from birthday celebrations to team-building outings, these glimpses into your culture help humanize your brand and showcase the tight-knit community that thrives within your organization.

But it’s not just about the fun stuff. Discussing your workplace values, diversity initiatives, and efforts to promote a healthy work-life balance can also resonate deeply with your audience. 

So don’t hesitate to pull back the curtain and let your audience see what makes your workplace culture truly special.

6. Spill Some Office Tea 

Don’t we all love office gossip? The moments by the tea maker, when you’re chatting with Alice from accounting about the latest company-wide firing spree or overhearing John The Manager talking about his messy divorce, are the highlight of our day in the office. 

And while we’re not suggesting airing out your team’s dirty laundry for all to see on your social media, sharing a bit of office water cooler gossip can add a sprinkle of intrigue to your behind-the-scenes content. 

Instead of dishing out personal secrets or stirring up drama, focus on sharing lighthearted anecdotes and funny mishaps that capture the essence of office life. Perhaps you can showcase the hilarious pranks pulled during April Fools’ Day, the epic fails from team-building exercises or the comical misunderstandings that arise in email threads. 

By highlighting these relatable moments, you not only inject a dose of humor into your content but also humanize your brand by showing that your team members are just like everyone else.

7. A Day in the Life 

If you’re ever on TikTok, you’ve surely seen a “day in the life” vlog. Maybe it was from a 9-5 day of a 26-year-old girl in corporate America or a busy day of a social media manager who works from home. 

Although these videos may seem mundane at first glance, there’s something strangely captivating about peeking into someone else’s daily routine. You can leverage this trend as behind-the-scenes content for your company, offering viewers a glimpse into the daily grind of your team members. 

Imagine documenting a day in the life of Alice from accounting as she juggles spreadsheets and coffee runs, or following John The Manager as he navigates meetings and deadlines. 

Showcasing the real-life experiences of your employees can help you humanize your brand and give your audience a deeper appreciation for the people behind the scenes. After all, everyone loves a good story, especially when it’s as relatable as the daily ups and downs of office life.

8. Show How Your Products Are Being Made

Instagram statistics say that 48% of viewers take action after watching a product-related video. Showing how your products are being made in your BTS content is a great way to engage your audience and make them appreciate your products a little more. 

Whether it’s a handcrafted artisanal item or a cutting-edge technological gadget, you can show how raw materials are transformed into finished products through a series of intricate processes and skilled craftsmanship. 

You can showcase the quality and care that goes into each product and establish transparency about how it’s made by giving your audience a raw and authentic behind-the-scenes look at the production journey. 

Create Your Social Media Strategy With Dorothy House 

Including behind-the-scenes content in your social media strategy allows you to not only humanize your brand but also establish a deeper, emotional connection with your audience. 

By offering glimpses into the inner workings of your company, showcasing the faces behind your products or services, and sharing candid moments from your daily operations, you invite your audience to become part of your story.

If you’re looking to create a diversified and engaging strategy and content for your social media platforms, we can help. At Dorothy House, we craft compelling narratives and create visually captivating content that resonates with your audience. 

Get in touch with us to learn how we can elevate your social media presence and drive meaningful engagement with your brand.


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